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Bismuth is a member logging and administration utility bot for Discord. The bot was originally created to fix potential security issues with the Discord administrator permission in guilds with a lot of roles, by automatically reverting any unexpected administrator role additions. This was prompted by an incident on the Kaguya Manga server where an administrator accidentally granted the @everyone role, causing chaos and damage to the guild. Now, Bismuth has expanded its features to help server administrators and moderators effectively run a big server, and has message logging, thread creation logging, sticky messages, and more.

Current Version

The bot's currently active version is 2.0a2. This is the second v2 alpha release of the bot.

Features and Commands

Below are a list of both active and former features and commands in the bot, including their behaviour and command syntax if appropriate.

Features and Commands Table
Module Name Module Description Command Syntax Module Status Active Versions
About Shows bot information and changelog, plus links to documentation and the support server. /about page:optional Active 2.0a1+
Archive Quickly make a copy of all messages in a channel, and optionally purge them. /archive purge:(required) channel:(optional) size:(optional) Inactive 2.0a2+
Lock Quickly lock / hide, or unlock / show a channel. /lock channel:(optional) hide:(optional)

/unlock channel:(optional) show:(optional)

Inactive 2.0a2+
Logs: Delete Display a log of deleted messages plus their context and attached media. /logs name:delete option:(optional) value:(optional) Active 2.0a1+
Logs: Edit Display a log of edited messages plus their context and attached media. /logs name:edit option:(optional) value:(optional) Active 2.0a1+
Logs: Threads Display a log of newly created threads, while automatically joining it to allow logging of messages. /logs name:threads option:(optional) value:(optional) Active 2.0a1+
Logs: Traffic Shows who is joining and leaving the guild, saves their roles on quit, and optionally reapplies them on join. /logs name:traffic option:(optional) value:(optional) Active 2.0a1+
Manager Owner command only. Adds or remove a manager role / user. /manager target:(required) Active 2.0a1+
Muteroles Add a role to the list of muteroles on the guild. Read more about muteroles to see what they mean. /muterole role:(required) Active 2.0a2+
Ping A simple command to test the connection of the bot, or parrot a phrase back to you. /ping response:(optional) Active 2.0a2+
Protect Attempts to protect the server permissions from unexpected and unauthorised administration permissions. /protect role:(required) Active 2.0a1+
Quote Embeds a message from someone else on the same server into the channel you send the message. /quote url:(required) Active 2.0a1+
Slowmode Quickly set a channels slowmode delay. Accepts an integer in seconds. See the page for a list of common shortcut delays. /slowmode time:(required) channel:(optional) Active 2.0a1+
Sticky Frequently reposts a message after a set number of messages into a channel. /sticky message:(optional) quoted:(optional) Active 2.0a1+
Whois Views information about a member. /whois member:(required) Active 2.0a1+

Development Environment

The bot is built using the python library PyCord.

Development was completed on Windows 10 with Microsoft Visual Studio Code, and on iOS with Textastic.

Invite to your server

We will soon be allowing the public to add Bismuth to their own servers. Places will be a first come, first served basis, and will be limited to 80 guilds until message intents whitelisting has been permitted.

Please understand that the development of this bot is in early alpha. You will encounter bugs, misspellings, and temporarily broken features.

Link coming soon!